Custom Plating of Musical Instrument Components

At California Electroplating, Inc., we are a major provider of plating and polishing services to the musical instrument industry. Our polished and plated finishes provide excellent visual appeal and superior long-term performance.

Our team of technical professionals includes staff with more than 30 years’ experience working in our shop. They have a profound understanding of the electroplating process and develop production streams to create finishes that retain their appearance and endure for an extended period of time. In addition, they design racking methods to optimize space utilization, improve process efficiency, and lower costs. We have a large inventory of standard rack systems and also regularly use custom built tooling to ensure we provide the best finish possible for your products.

We offer several different plating options to provide a traditional or contemporary look. Our trivalent chrome, hexavalent chrome, and nickel-plated finishes are available with bright, mirror like shine or a soft satin finish. We have highly automated production lines capable of bulk finishing high volume part orders. With computer control over timing, sequence, current, and chemistries, the finish is uniform and consistent from the first item to the last. We also have manual lines for processing projects that involve smaller volumes and a mix of products. To protect the finish during transport and storage, we can help you develop and efficient and effective packaging solution that we can implement in-house.

Characterized by superior quality and consistency, our bath fixture finishes conform to the highest standards of excellence. Contact us today to discuss your project.