Plating of Aluminum Parts

With our strong background in surface engineering at California Electroplating, Inc., we have refined our processing methods for nickel and chrome plating on aluminum. New applications that leverage the light weight of aluminum are created every day, and plating helps improve the performance and appearance of parts used throughout many different industries. We can apply high quality shiny bright or soft satiny finishes on aluminum billet, castings, and stampings.

Every year, we plate a very large volume of aluminum parts for the automotive aftermarket industry. We chrome plate parts for Harley Davidson motorcycles as well as trucks, SUVs, and other types of vehicles. Our high quality plated finishes can also be found on parts used in one-of-a-kind items like custom high-end guitars and other uniquely sophisticated items. Processes for these products often involve multiple passes of plating, buffing, and polishing to achieve the brilliant finishes that characterize their value and appearance.

To ensure uniform adhesion and consistent appearance of the plated surfaces, all of our pretreatment and plating processes are adapted to the grade of the aluminum substrate. We have a wide assortment of standard racks and regularly have tooling custom made to optimize part density, improve efficiency, and lower costs. With both highly automated and manual processing lines, we have the capacity to plate high volume orders as well as short run and custom orders.

Our plated finishes are both attractive and exceptionally wear resistant. Contact us today to learn more about our aluminum plating capabilities.