Plating & Coating of Fasteners

Valued for their high-quality appearance and durability, our nickel and chrome, black oxide, phosphate and passivation finishes are used on fasteners of all shapes and sizes. At our production facilities conveniently located in Los Angeles, Pentrate Metal Processing, and California Electroplating, Inc. finishes fastener products for manufacturers and distributors all across the country. In addition to a large customer base in the Southern California area, we have clients located as far to the east as Long Island, New York, and to the north, as far as Big Lake, Alaska. We have a fleet of trucks continually on the road providing coordinated pick-up and delivery at local fastener distributors located throughout the region.

We operate black oxide and phosphate lines that are computer controlled and highly automated; these processes are stable and repeatable to ensure lot-to-lot consistency on steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, and zinc die cast parts. Our production capacity exceeds 8,000 lbs. per hour and we keep these lines in operation two shifts per day, allowing us to provide 24-hour turnaround on most orders.

Plating options range from no polish, straight plate all the way to highly polished finishes with all head stamps, heading marks, and knurls removed. We regularly provide many customers with a “Show Quality Bright Chrome” finish that is very popular with the aftermarket automotive, motorcycle, and marine industry markets. For our nickel and chrome plating processes, we individually rack the parts to achieve the finest decorative finishes available. Although the majority of work on fasteners involves bright finishes, we also offer the choice of satin nickel or satin chrome.

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