Certified Finishing Services for Firearm Components

With our Federal and State of California firearms licenses and permits, Pentrate Metal Processing and California Electroplating, Inc. are fully qualified providers of finishing services for firearm components. We produce uniform, repeatable finishes on components for both for high volume manufacturers as well as individual gunsmiths.

Black oxide finishing often referred to as “bluing,” is one of the most traditional methods for finishing gun parts. We provide black oxide finishes that range from the brilliant high gloss finishes found on custom, high-end weapons as well as non-light reflecting matte finishes that are the time-honored method for restoring a favorite hunting rifle. Since black oxide finishing does not add any appreciable thickness, it is an excellent finish treatment for maintaining dimensional tolerances on precision-manufactured firearm parts.

We also apply phosphate coatings, equivalent to Parkerizing, to protect surfaces from corrosion and increase resistance to wear. Other finishing choices also include nickel and chrome plating. We can apply these to give a bright finish or a satin appearance. Chrome plating is done using either a traditional hexavalent chrome process or the newer, trivalent chrome alternative. All of our firearm finishes are noted for their quality and consistency.

Contact us directly to learn more about our firearms finishing alternatives. We have experts on staff that will ensure all of the proper paperwork is arranged and processed according to relevant regulations. With our strong background in this industry, we can guarantee your parts will be free from any blemishes and defects that affect performance or appearance.